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Welcome to the U.S.S. BRIGHTSTAR lower decks

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Welcome to the lower decks

Welcome to the U.S.S. BRIGHTSTAR lower decks. This is the second site for the U.S.S. BRIGHTSTAR. a Star Trek fan club associated with Starfleet Command Quadrant One, Starbase Six region. This site contains picture, Video and such that we could not add to our first site. If you have any question about whats on this site or about us, Starfleet Command, or Starbase Six, please feel free to use the contact us link in the upper left corner.

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The History of the U.S.S. BRIGHTSTAR

   The history of the Brightstar begins on Stardate 9809.14 (ED September 14, 1998) with its commissioning.  When the Brightstar was first commissioned, Commander Debbie Henderson (now Captain) was asked to take command of the Brightstar with a crew of 8 people.  In 2002 the current First Officer Captain James "T'sikes" Webb is temporarily transferred from the U.S.S. Defiant N.C.C. 1630 D (where he was the Chief Security Officer) to the Brightstar for temporary duty as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Six months later, he was asked to stay on board on a permanent basis.  With his transferred approved, The Captain was then moved from medical to command where upon he was promoted to the position of First Officer.  In 2010 he would also take on the title of Chief Science Officer.  In 2003 a former member of the Brightstar (who asked not to be named) won Third place Recruiter of the year.  In 2008 , the Brightstar premiered the first edition of the StarLight newsletter.  Later that same year at a impromptu Star Trek convention dubbed FreKon, the Brightstar won "Small Ship of the year" Third Place. In early 2009 the Brightstar unveiled its new ships logo (see above).  In September 2010 at the annual anniversary cookout commemorating the Brightstar commissioning, four new members  were added to the crew of the Brightstar. In August 2011, the StarLight newsletter recorded a milestone by completing a full volume year (a full year of the StarLight newsletter without interruption). At the annual Starbase Indy later that same year the Brightstar would take home not one but four awards at both the Fleet meeting and at the Starbase Six meeting. The awards were Senior Officer of the year Third Place(Captain James Webb, Fleet meeting). Ship of the year Second place (tied, Starbase Six meeting). Newsletter of the year Second Place (tied, Starbase Six meeting).  And Senior Officer of the year First Place (Captain James Webb, Starbase Six meeting). This just in, at this year 2013 Starbase Indy the Brightstar was awarded web site of the year third place.


Starbase Six Website link is down and so the website. Starfleet Command website was hacked into by a malicious jerk. I do not know if or when the website will be up and running again, but check back here when you can. If you click on the Starbase Six logo below and nothing happens then the is still down.


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